Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical therapy for patients with neurologic diagnoses is designed to improve your function and ability to participate in the activities you enjoy!  We understand that your goal is to get back to life- and we’re here to help with that process.  Our physical therapists use evidence-based practice treatment techniques that are designed to specifically help patients with neurologic disorders.  They have taken advanced continuing education courses, have certifications to treat neurologic diagnoses, and have extensive experience treating patients with complex neurologic diagnoses- these diagnoses are all that they treat!

These diagnoses and symptoms include:

  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Concussion
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Adults with Cerebral Palsy
  • Adults with developmental disabilities
  • Imbalance and falls
  • Amputation
  • Movement Disorders
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Foot Drop
  • Other disorders with injury to your brain or spinal cord

Our physical therapists will complete a thorough evaluation during your first appointment and work with you as a team to set individualized goals and create a treatment plan designed to help treat your specific needs.  Physical therapy treatment after a neurologic injury is life-long: you’ll complete annual assessments with us, just as you would with your physician.

Having a neurologic diagnosis is frequently life-changing, and may require the use of devices, such as wheel chairs, canes or braces, to help with your independence.  Our physical therapists have training to help with selecting the appropriate equipment, fitting the equipment, as well as ordering the devices you need to be successful.

As physical therapists that treat neurologic diagnoses, our therapists are certified in multiple different neurologic-specific treatment techniques.  One of these certifications is PWR!Moves treatment, which is designed to help patients that have movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Dry needling is commonly thought to be used only for people that have pain.  However, dry needling is also found to be helpful for patients that have neurologic diagnoses, as it helps to decrease discomfort from tight muscles, or muscles that have increased tone.  Our physical therapists are certified in this treatment technique.  While it will not relieve your tone permanently, it can decrease muscle tightness immediately during your PT visit.  This will improve your ability to move your limbs during exercise, which can help to strengthen your arms and legs to improve your function and ability to move. It has also been found to be helpful to decrease pain for some patients that have migraines and help improve facial symmetry with patients that have Bell’s Palsy.

If you’re interested in physical therapy for neurologic diagnoses or have questions about this program, please contact us today!

Chelsey Asiala, PT, DPT, CCI, NCS, CIDN Bio


Eagle Road – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 4:00pm

Benjamin Kuznia, PT, DPT, OCS, CMP, CSMT, Cert. MDT, Cert. Graston, Cert. Dry Needling, Rehab Director

Ben grew up in the small town of Argyle in rural northwestern Minnesota. Ben was raised on a family farm by his father, a farmer, and his mother, a teacher, who instilled the importance of education and a great work ethic. He still has a strong thirst for knowledge in all subjects, especially towards solving back and neck problems, and uses his example of work ethic to motivate his patients to reach their highest potential.

Ben attended the University of North Dakota (UND) where he received his bachelor’s degree in Pre-Physical Therapy with a Minor in Psychology. He then continued on to The UND’s School of Medicine and Health Science where he graduated with Honors and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. Ben’s thirst for knowledge did not stop with his graduation. He has attended numerous continuing education courses, passed high level testing and now is one of the most highly certified Physical Therapists in the valley. Ben is excited to help his patients recover from their injuries and return to their daily lives without pain or limitations. Ben has worked almost his entire career at the Eagle road location and became the Rehab Director in 2013. He enjoys all things competitive or outdoors including sports, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. He is married to his beautiful wife Amanda who is a teacher in the Boise School District and they have 3 amazing children.

Tyler Zacher, PT, DPT, CMP, Cert. MDT

Tyler grew up in Beulah, a small town in west-central North Dakota. He graduated from Beulah High School in 2007 where he was a 3-sport athlete competing in football, basketball, and track & field. His inspiration for becoming a physical therapist came through the process of re-habbing personal injuries to get back to playing the games he loved. Physical Therapy also provided a unique blend of skills that Tyler enjoys – including teaching and problem solving – traits he undoubtedly picked up from his mom (a teacher) and his dad (an engineer).


Following high school, Tyler attended the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND where he studied and competed on the track & field team as a long jumper and triple jumper. Tyler received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science in 2011 and went on to graduate as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2014 from the University of Mary. He learned of RehabAuthority during his 4th and final clinical rotation in PT school. While on this clinical he enjoyed the fun, energetic, and teamwork-centered atmosphere that he was surrounded by at RehabAuthority. It wasn’t long before he knew RehabAuthority would be a great fit for him. One week after graduation, he was hired and now works in the Eagle Road Clinic in Boise, ID.
Tyler loves spending time with family and friends, as well as outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, boating and snowboarding. He also has a competitive side and enjoys working out as well as playing anything from basketball to board games.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00pm;
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 11:00 am

Aaron Jones, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Clinic Director

Aaron Jones graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2010 with his bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and 2014 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. After spending three years working in outpatient orthopedics in Berea, Kentucky, Aaron and his wife have relocated to Lewisville, TX. As a physical therapist, Aaron focuses on treating general orthopedic injuries as well as scoliosis and vestibular conditions.  Aaron also utilizes advanced manual techniques including dry needling – a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, playing guitar and banjo, hiking, and kayaking.

Hailey Long, PTA

Hailey is a native of Idaho and grew up in Idaho Falls. She enjoyed playing sports and was able to attend the state tournament for soccer all 4 years of high school. Hailey was voted to be the team captain of her soccer team both her junior and senior years of high school. While playing soccer and basketball, she dealt with a few minor injuries herself which first interested her in physical therapy and gave her the drive to want to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. She went to school at BYU-Idaho and received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. During school, she participated in the sports medicine lab and was able to learn how to tape/wrap ankles, knees, quads, and wrist, as well as learn more about the rehabilitation process following sports related injuries. Hailey participated in many intramural sports and even helped to coach a soccer and basketball team. She also participated in volunteer work helping to plan the new student orientations at BYU-Idaho for 9 semesters. After graduating, she worked as a rehabilitation technician at RehabAuthority where she grew to love the atmosphere and people there. After working about a year, she was accepted to Idaho State University for the PTA program. During school at ISU, Hailey became the secretary of the PTA club and helped promote the #ChoosePT, informing the community of the importance of physical therapy over harmful substances such as opioids. After graduating PTA school, Hailey was very happy to receive a job back at RehabAuthority! She is excited to be working full time here at Overland to help patients get back to doing things they love pain free!

In her spare time, you can find Hailey going on adventures with her husband Brandon. They love exploring Idaho and enjoy hiking, camping, and boating. She also enjoys going to a good movie with a big barrel of popcorn, cooking, watching Food Network, reading, amateur crafts, and piano.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm


Andrew Boynton, PT, DPT

Andrew Boynton was born and raised in Orem, Utah spending his youth cultivating a love of the outdoors while frequenting the “Mighty 5” National Parks of Utah. As a teenager he developed a love of soccer, running, and international travel, while playing soccer and running cross-country throughout Europe.  Pursuing a degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University, Andrew continued his love of soccer while playing at the collegiate club level. His passion for exercise as medicine led him to finding his career in physical therapy and attended Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2017.  Andrew focuses on principles of specific therapeutic exercise coupled with manual therapy to achieve optimum outcomes in patients with all sources of pain from the neck and back, to the extremities. He believes in providing an excellent, individualized experience for each person he treats, and that a smile throughout therapy goes a long way. Andrew enjoys doing many outdoors activities with all those who want to share the fun.  He especially enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and running.

Alexandria Vogt, PTA

Alex was born in Boise, Idaho and was raised in Jerome during her childhood years. After graduating from Jerome High, she attended the College of Southern Idaho before transferring to the College of Western Idaho to pursue an engaging, challenging and fun program that prepped her for a position in the health care field. She felt very fortunate to be the 2nd class to attend the only PTA consortium program in the country. After graduating in December 2016, she received her license to practice and was hired on at Rehab Authority in 2017. Alex believes that growing and learning with her coworkers, attending continuing education courses, and thriving with her patients as a rehab team are the solid building blocks to successful recoveries. In her free time, she loves to practice archery, fish, hike, and camp with her boyfriend and friends. She and her boyfriend have a heeler and chocolate lab that supply them with endless hours of entertainment. Also, she will never turn down fried chicken or potatoes and can recite all the counties in the state of Idaho.




Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Daniel O’Keef, PT, DPT, CSCS

Bio Coming Soon!




Homedale Idaho – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Scott Olsen, PT, MPT

Scott has recently moved to Treasure Valley after being in southern Nevada the majority of his life. He graduated from Virgin Valley High school in Mesquite Nevada in 1991. Following high school, Scott served a 2 year mission in Argentina for his church. After graduating from Southern Utah University with his Bachelors in Arts and Language. In 2000, Scott completed school and graduated as Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) from Andrews University. Scott has worked in inpatient, home health and outpatient settings for 15 years in Mesquite, Nevada before moving up to Idaho. As a member of the RehabAuthority team now for one year, he is excited to have joined a group of highly skilled physical therapists who enjoy treating the cervical and lumbar spine.

His main focus, joy and purpose in life is dedicated to his wife and 7 children. When he is not running after the kids he has even entered official races locally.


Korey Yost, PTA

Korey grew up in Caldwell, Idaho.  He graduated from Caldwell High School in 2005 where he enjoyed playing multiple sports including football, basketball, baseball and running cross-country. He also took advantage of the outdoor activities Idaho has to offer such as hiking, camping, fishing, frisbee golfing, and swimming.
After high school, Korey attended Pacific University of Oregon. He played collegiate baseball as a catcher and outfielder.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Integrated Physiology.  Korey started at RehabAuthority shortly after graduation, working as a physical therapy technician. Gaining this knowledge and experience inspired him to further his studies in physical therapy.  He attended and graduated from Carrington College Boise with an associate degree in Physical Therapy Assisting. In addition, he scored a 100% on his National physical therapy exam! He started working at the Homedale clinic in July of 2016.
When not in the clinic serving patients, Korey is spending time with his wife Rhonda and taking care of his two boys, Kiyan and Kamdyn. In addition to spending time with his family, Korey is an avid runner and enjoys the challenge of running ½ marathons for fun.

Sunnyside – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Nathan Hunsaker, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CSMT, Cert FCE, Rehab Director

Nate was raised in western Wyoming. He has four children, two boys and two girls, with his wonderful wife Audra. Nate finished his undergraduate degree at Utah State University in 1995 and completed his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT) at the University of the Pacific in 1997.
Nate has been with RehabAuthority since 2006 and is excited about his progression as a physical therapist during that time. Nate earned his certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy in June of 2010 and is currently pursuing his certification in manual therapy through the International Spine and Pain Institute.

Nate’s previous work experience was on the acute rehabilitation unit at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls where he worked for 9 years. Nate has always been exceptionally interested in geriatric orthopaedics, geriatric therapeutic exercise, and stroke and spinal cord rehabilitation.
Nate is very excited to continue combining his advanced orthopedic skills with RehabAuthority’s scientifically proven method in the treatment of back and neck rehabilitation to help patients “feel good again.” When Nate is not in the clinic treating patients, he is likely to be hiking. He has currently “bagged” about twelve peaks in the surrounding area of 12,000 ft. or higher. He is also an avid cyclist and trail runner. When he has some quiet time, he likes to fiddle around on the violin and piano.

Jed Loertscher, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Jed was raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Growing up, he always showed strong interest in the medical profession. In junior high and high school, he volunteered at a number of hospitals in Salt Lake where he gained invaluable experience that later resulted in a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. After time working in the nursing field, he went on to work as a Physical Therapy Tech where he discovered an even deeper passion for physical therapy. Jed attended Brigham Young University-Idaho for his undergraduate degree in Biology, and then completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Missouri State University. He’s currently an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, and loves helping his Patients return to pain-free living, and their normal routines and hobbies. When Jed is not in the clinic treating patients, he’s spending time with his family, and enjoys photography, boating, waterskiing, golfing, bowling, four-wheeling, and watching movies.

Kari Lasco-Sanders, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CSMT

Kari was raised in Idaho Falls, ID. She attended Washington State University for her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at the University of Utah. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Idaho Physical Therapy Association.
Kari’s work experience includes acute care therapy at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls and orthopedic outpatient therapy. She has enjoyed joining the Back and Neck Specialists team and is excited for its future endeavors.

When Kari is not in the clinic treating patients, she is spending time at her cabin with her husband Jeff or enjoying outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Tyler Skanchy, PT, DPT

Tyler was raised in a Navy family and grew up in San Diego and Annapolis, Maryland. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with an exercise physiology degree and then attended Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions for his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Tyler loves being able to help people return to activities they have been missing because of their injuries. Some of his previous experiences were teaching senior water aerobics classes and helping design and run a “Return to Function” class for military veterans. When Tyler is not working, he likes to cheer for Navy football, play basketball, soccer, racquetball or try to fool around on the harmonica.

Kevin Blair, PTA

Kevin was raised in Yakima, WA. He attended Brigham Young University-Idaho where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and his associates in Physical Therapy Assisting. Kevin has always enjoyed exercising and it was while working on his Exercise Physiology degree he discovered his interest in understanding the mechanics of the body and Physical Therapy. He is excited to be at Rehab Authority and further that understanding. In his free time Kevin enjoys going on hikes with his wife, playing disc golf, taking his dog on runs, and creating his own board games.



Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Jamie Weishaar, PT, MPT, COO, Rehab Director

Jamie, born and raised in South Dakota, migrated to Kansas City to complete his Masters in Physical Therapy, graduating in 2002. After therapy school, professional interest and opportunity led him to the west coast of California where he started his Physical Therapy career and developed his knowledge in outpatient Physical Therapy. He and his family resided in the Treasure Valley since 2011.As a clinician at Modern Rehab, Jamie prides himself on delivering evidence based manual techniques with functional based individualized exercise programs. He has a broad therapy experience and expertise that spans from infants to the geriatric patient population. Attending yearly continuing education courses is vital in the process of evolving as a physical therapist. Jamie’s goal is to not only provide top-quality therapy service designed to help his patients achieve the highest level of activity and function, but to ultimately empower his patient’s through comprehensive education to prevent re-injury. In addition to providing top quality therapy Jamie enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He loves sports, especially basketball, football and fishing. Virtually any free time he has is devoted to remaining active in the community, his family and any outdoor activity. Currently he is in training for the ultimate race… the race of life!

Taylor Lashley, PTA

Taylor dreamt of a career dedicated to helping people feel better and flourish. Early in her life, she developed a passion for sports. Her experiences as a high school basketball player, hurdler, high jumper and pole vaulter not only gave her firsthand insight into the athletic mindset, but forged in her mind the undeniable connection between physical fitness and general happiness. Immediately after graduating from Kuna High School, Taylor enrolled in the challenging Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) professional course at Carrington College in Boise, Idaho. Taylor received her state certification in 2017. Taylor is at her best when helping other people achieve their best. As a PTA, working with patients recovering from sports and non-sports related injuries, she believes the key to successful rehabilitation starts with an enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable team dedicated to patient care.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Paul Vinci, PT, DPT, Rehab Director

A graduate of Idaho State University’s 1995 Masters of Physical Therapy program, Paul has spent the last 18 years sharpening his skills as a therapist. Having practiced in hospitals (Pocatello, ID; Elko, NV; Bullhead City, AZ), a Worker’s Compensation specialty clinic (Tempe, AZ), and other sports medicine facilities have allowed for a broad exposure to the practice of physical therapy. His early passion for sports brought him from Southern California to Caldwell and the College of Idaho.

As an exercised based rehabilitation specialist, Paul employs manual techniques such as myofascial release and soft tissue and joint mobilizations to help restore normal rhythm and balance to affected joints and promote improved mobility. The evidence based approach at Modern Rehab allows Paul and others to move forward with confidence that the treatment administered is the standard of practice, not only here in Idaho, but across the country.

Paul still participates in soccer and volleyball recreationally. His wife and two children bring a joy to his life that he shares with those he treats.


Megan McChristy, PTA

Megan graduated from the College of Western Idaho’s Physical Therapist Assistant program with an Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant from Idaho Consortium of PTA Education, College of Western Idaho. She worked in La Grande, OR for a few years but wanted to come back home to the Treasure Valley. She works with sports related injuries, orthopedic injuries, geriatric and neurological patients. Megan has a special interest in helping patients with Parkinsons’ Disease utilizing the PWR! method to allow them a better quality of life. Megan also enjoys working with patients who have chronic pain to help educate them on biopsychosocial aspects of chronic pain and the importance movement plays in reducing it. Megan’s goal is to provided quality, individualized care to her patients in an effective and efficient manner. In Megan’s free time she enjoy traveling both around the USA and internationally, skiing and snowboarding in the winter and paddle-boarding and hiking with her dogs in the summer. She also love spending time with her family and taking her two nieces on outdoor adventures.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Eldon Johnson, PT, MPT, CSCS, Cert. MDT, CSMT, Regional Director

In his professional career, Eldon has acquired a significant amount of expertise and experience, through working at several different facilities throughout North Dakota, as well as Idaho. Being a prime example of how life oftentimes comes full-circle, he was an owner with RehabAuthority with Galen and Kevin in 2001 and 2002, and came “back to the fold” in 2011!

Eldon has always had a special interest in spinal rehabilitation, with advanced training and experience in treating acute and chronic neck and back pathologies. He is certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the spine (Cert. MDT), through the McKenzie Institute, and is also a Certified Spinal Manual Therapist (CSMT), through the International Spine & Pain Institute. He has extensive experience with MedX Lumbar and Cervical evaluation and treatment technologies, which he feels is a perfect complement to the McKenzie method and his manual therapy skills. In addition to treating spines, Eldon also sees patients for general orthopedics (surgical and non-surgical), sports rehabilitation, industrial medicine, and works with individuals from all ages and stages of life. He is 100% committed to and truly loves helping people “feel better again!”

Eldon is also credentialed as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is a Credentialed Clinical Instructor, through the American Physical Therapy Association. He is certified in pre-employment testing and functional capacity evaluation, through the WorkSTEPS system, as well.

In what Eldon likes to call his “other life,” he has been a professional musician and singer-songwriter for many years, though he has scaled this back significantly since opening the first Midwest RehabAuthority clinic in 2011. He was a national finalist in the 2007/2008 Colgate Country Showdown, and placed 2nd out of 50,000 contestants across the nation, performing at the world-famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. He also works as the Contemporary Music Coordinator at his church. Eldon enjoys exercising and watching/playing sports of all kinds, with a special love for football. He is married to his beautiful soul mate, Amy, with whom he has two children, Isaac and Clara Jean, as well as one step-son, Jacob.

Christopher Kraemer, PT, MPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, CSMT, Rehab Director

Chris Kraemer is a biomechanically-minded physical therapist, specializing in spinal care, lower extremity biomechanics, orthotics, and manual therapy of the spine and extremities.

A North Dakota native, Chris attended the University of North Dakota, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy as well as a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1998, receiving Summa Cum Laude honors.  He has been practicing as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist in since that time.  Chris is a master clinician in his field, and was certified as a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS), in 2013.  He also has been certified through the McKenzie Institute in mechanical diagnosis and therapy (Cert. MDT), and is a certified spinal manual therapist (CSMT), through International Spine & Pain Institute.  He has extensive experience with MedX Lumbar and Cervical evaluation and treatment technologies, as well as practicing an evidence-based approach with therapeutic exercise prescription in order to maximize successful patient outcomes.  He has been instrumental in the treatment of general orthopedics, sports medicine, and industrial rehabilitation for individuals of all ages throughout the Fargo/Moorhead region for over 20 years.

Chris is a strong advocate for the physical therapy profession, and has served as the federal affairs liaison and legislative chair for the state of ND for the past 7 years.  Chris is happily married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer.  Together they are the proud parents of three wonderful children.  He enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  Chris is an outdoor enthusiast with specific interests in hunting, fishing, camping, football and vocal music.

Chelsey Asiala, PT, DPT, CCI, CIDN, NCS

Chelsey has spent the majority of her career treating patients with complex neurological and vestibular diagnoses in the hospital, acute rehabilitation, and outpatient settings in a large, fast-paced Level 1 Trauma and Stroke-Certified hospital in downtown Phoenix, AZ. She recently came back home to the Fargo, ND area to join the RehabAuthority team. She brings her wealth of knowledge on complex neurological and vestibular diagnoses to our practice. Chelsey is credentialed in Clinical Education, Integrative Dry Needling, and PWR! Moves for treating patients with Parkinson’s Disease.
She attended the University of North Dakota, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in 2007 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. Chelsey thrives on developing and improving programs as well as teaching, as she has created a curriculum for a Physical Therapy Neurological Residency Program and continues to create online continuing education content for physical therapists.
In her free time, Chelsey enjoys exploring the great outdoors of
North Dakota with her husband and their two young children.

Bismarck, North Dakota – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kayla Leer, PT, DPT, Rehab Director

Kayla was born and raised in Mandan, ND. She graduated from Mandan High School in 2007 where she played soccer and participated in diving. She then continued her education at the University of Mary where she was part of the women’s soccer team, and where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 2011. Kayla went on to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016 from the University of Mary.

Kayla then had her first clinic rotation experience with RehabAuthority in Boise, Idaho where she immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. During her rotations, she fell in love with the patient-centered therapy, McKenzie method of treatment, and overall fun atmosphere that RehabAuthority is known for.

Kayla is very passionate about helping people return to their favorite activities; and she herself enjoys spending time with family & friends, as well as outdoor activities of a wide variety. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching soccer and CrossFit, and continues to stay active.

Britt Engel, PT, DPT

Britt grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa and moved to Bismarck when she was 16. She got her undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University and worked in Fargo for a few years as a business planner for the fashion retailer Vanity. Her interest in PT grew as she trained for half marathons and noticed aches and pains and injuries in other runners. Her desire to help athletes perform to their best ability drove her to research careers and decide to become a physical therapist to do just that. She graduated from University of Mary with a doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014. She enjoys treating patients of all ages to help reduce their pain, increase their strength, and address any difficulties they have with recreation or daily activities. She has continued her education and attended courses focusing on specific interventions for neck, back and extremity pain. She is certified in Integrative Dry Needling.  She enjoys spending as much time as possible outside especially in the summer where she regularly enjoys hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding.


Ryan Buchholz, PT, DPT

Ryan Buchholz is a full-time physical therapist who started at RehabAuthority in June. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and received his degree from his hometown at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND in April of 2016. He decided to pursue PT when he was injured his senior year of track and was brought through rehabilitation by his soccer coach.

Ryan enjoys the interpersonal aspect of therapy and shows a genuine compassion for those he is treating. He believes therapy is not only treating the physical body but treating in a holistic manner (body, mind, spirit). When Ryan is not at the clinic he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog. His faith is his rock and the reason behind everything he does. He has a large passion for all sports and outdoor activities from hunting to a weekend at the lake. He is excited to be back in his hometown and give back to the community he cares so passionately about!



Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kirk Hayes, PT, MPT, ATC, CMP, Cert. MDT, Rehab Director

Kirk grew up on the Mississippi outside Brainerd, MN. He attended North Dakota State University where he earned his B.S. in Athletic Training. During his undergraduate work, Kirk had a growing passion to treat not only athletes, but the whole population. He went on to enroll in the University of Mary’s graduate program where he earned a Masters of Physical Therapy. In London, Ontario, Kirk gained a spine certification in the McKenzie Method (Cert. MDT). His latest certification, a manual therapy certification, is in Mulligan Concept (MDT). Kirk has traveled throughout the country teaching Manual Therapy continuing education courses. In addition to serving the community, Kirk enjoys family time with his southern belle, Savannah, and 3 children. Outside of work, Kirk enjoys canoeing, fishing, pickleball and board games.

Wesley Anderson, PT, DPT

Wes grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota where he attended Moorhead Senior High School in the graduating class of 2010. After he attended and graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with his Bachelors of Arts in Biology in 2014, he attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in 2017.

As a three-sport athlete in high school, playing soccer, basketball, and track, then later joining the club lacrosse team during his undergraduate work, Wes was always interested in the human body and how it performs. Physical therapy became a big interest to him as he rehabilitated various injuries as an athlete. He started working as a physical therapy technician where he had the opportunity to absorb and learn as much as he could from the physical therapists he worked with.

Wes began working at RehabAuthority in 2017 where he treats a variety of orthopedic conditions and has a special interest in spinal rehabilitation. He is currently in the process of obtaining his Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy certification to further expand his knowledge and expertise of orthopedic conditions.

Wes enjoys golfing, fishing, snowboarding, and spending quality time with his friends and family. He takes great pride in getting to know each one of his patients to build lasting relationships and is extremely excited as a newly graduated therapist to provide high quality care to all that he treats.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kristopher Peterson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, Rehab Director

Kris was born and raised in Moorhead, Minnesota, in the heart of the Red River Valley. He attended school in Moorhead throughout his childhood and graduated from Moorhead High School in 2004. Kris participated in football, baseball, as well as track and field at Moorhead and is a proud “Spud” at heart. He did not venture too far for his undergraduate education when enrolling at Concordia College in Moorhead. He majored in biology and minored in psychology. Kris played football as an offensive lineman for the Cobbers throughout his college career. While at Concordia, Kris met his future wife, Shantelle. He graduated cum laude in 2008 from Concordia College. While in college, he began working at a local hospital and fell in love with patient care. He decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, allowing him to combine his love for the sciences with helping people in reaching their full potentials. In 2010, Kris attended the University of North Dakota, and obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May of 2013. During his time at UND, he had an internship at RehabAuthority in South Fargo. Kris thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and excellent patient care that RehabAuthority emphasized. Outside the clinic, you’ll find Kris spending time with his wife and son, Warren. He also enjoys golfing, and supporting his favorite sports teams.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Brian Thornock, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CMP, ATC

Brian was born and raised in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. After earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and athletic training from Southern Utah University, he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2014. Immediately after graduation, Brian joined the staff at RehabAuthority in Nampa and has been the Rehab Director since 2016.

Brian is dedicated to keeping his knowledge and skills to the highest standard. Since completing his doctorate program, he has regularly attended courses across the country to expand his understanding of examination and therapeutic intervention. Brian has earned certifications in the Mulligan Concept of manual therapy (CMP) and in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (Cert. MDT). He is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) who continues to regularly work with college and high school athletes. He also stays regularly involved in the Nampa Chamber of Commerce as he serves as a Chamber Ambassador to improve business in the Nampa area.

Brian is an avid believer in physical therapy and the value that it can have in improving the health and well-being of our society. Helping others reach their personal goals with regards to their daily function is his primary goal each and every day. Playing sports such as softball, basketball, and racquetball are his favorite past times, as well as rooting on the Utah Jazz. He is blessed every day by the support of his wonderful wife Nicole and their three beautiful children.


Peter Rowley, PT, DPT

Pete was born and raised in Rexburg, ID. After earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Brigham Young University Idaho, he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR in 2018. Immediately after graduation, Pete joined the staff at RehabAuthority in Nampa having already completed a nine-week clinical internship with them.

Pete is a firm believer in physical therapy having been a patient several times himself, and enjoys working with patients with a wide variety of diagnoses to help them achieve their functional goals and improve their quality of movement. He is also dedicated to continuing his education and is currently working toward his McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy Certification (Cert. MDT).

In his spare time Pete enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and two year old son Asher, playing soccer in the local recreational leagues, rooting for his favorite sports teams, and outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, and camping.

Ryan Larson, PT, DPT

Ryan was raised in the small town of Burley, ID. Having grown up in a family construction company, his father instilled in him the importance of a hard work ethic. This work ethic was applied not only to school but also sports. He had the privilege of being part of a state basketball champion team but unfortunately, he became sidelined due to a knee injury. From that injury he was introduced to physical therapy and got his first experience as to how beneficial conservative treatment can be. Since then he has furthered his passion for physical health and fitness by staying active in recreational weight lifting and competed in several bodybuilding competitions throughout the northwest. Since then he attended the College of Southern Idaho and Idaho State University where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Physical Education and completed his Doctorate of Physical (DPT) at the University of Jamestown in North Dakota in 2018. While attending the University of Jamestown he had the great opportunity to be a student physical therapist at two Rehab Authority clinics before he graduated. He is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and is excited to further is knowledge from the neck and back experts here at Rehab Authority. When Ryan isn’t in the clinic cracking jokes and treating patients you can find him spending time at the local gym or exploring the amazing outdoors that Idaho has to offer.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Clayton Shaw PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, Cert. MDT

Clayton was raised in a small town in western Colorado. He has four children, three boys and one girl, with his wonderful wife Amber. Clayton finished his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in 2008 and completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) at the University of Colorado in 2012. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and serves at the Education Chair of the Idaho Physical Therapy Association. Clayton has been with RehabAuthority since 2016.

Clayton’s thirst for knowledge did not stop with his graduation. He has attended numerous continuing education courses. Clayton has obtained multiple certifications including Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), and certified in dry needling (cert. DN).

Clayton is very passionate about helping people return to their favorite activities; and he himself enjoys spending time with family & friends, as well as outdoor activities of a wide variety. In his spare time he enjoys running, hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Thief River Falls – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday-Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Kim Rosendahl, PT, MPT, ATC, Cert. MDT, Rehab Director

Kim Rosendahl grew up in a small town in western Minnesota. After high school, he went on to study Fitness and Sports Science at Moorhead State University where he earned accredited certifications as an Athletic Trainer. While working with athletes to rebound from injuries, Kim developed a passion for treating a diverse population of Patients. That passion led him to build upon his Athletic Training background by becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist. In 2000, Kim obtained a Master of Physical Therapy degree at the College of St. Catherine in Minneapolis, MN. After working in the Twin Cities for 2 years, Kim and his wife, Sara, chose to relocate to Thief River Falls, MN to be closer to family. Ten years later as a practicing PT, Kim seized an opportunity to join the RehabAuthority Team to further his mission of providing the best physical therapy possible for people across Northwest Minnesota. Kim and Sara have 3 children; Hailey, Jack, and Caleb.

Alicia Backer, PTA

Alicia grew up in a small town of northwestern Minnesota where she spent most of her time playing volleyball and basketball. She also spent her summers camping, fishing, and attending sport camps. Alicia’s competitive nature and passion for excellence provided her with many awards and recognition during high school, and, while competing at Thief River Fall’s junior college.

Alicia developed a passion for physical therapy after bilateral ACL reconstructions that led to a substantial amount of time spent in rehab. She went on to graduate from Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks in 2010 as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She spent 3 years away from northwestern Minnesota working as a PTA and returned in the summer of 2012. Alicia began working as a partnership with Kim in January of 2013, and has embraced the opportunity to become part of the RehabAuthority Family. Alicia looks forward to continuing to grow as a therapist with plans to develop the “Acceleration Program” for youth athletes.

Alicia and her husband, Les, have 5 children, Jonathon, Isabella, Tyson, Josie, and Camdyn. The Family enjoys country living; meanwhile, Alicia continues to participate in league sports and running events. She also loves spending time with friends and family, and takes in as much of the great Minnesota outdoors as she can in above freezing temperatures!

Julia Nelson, PT, DPT

Julia Nelson received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Dakota in 2016, after studying athletic training and psychology at UND as an undergraduate.  Julia’s particular areas of interest include orthopedics, sports medicine, manual therapy, pediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation, and neurological based injuries.  As an athlete herself, Julia understands and is committed to helping patients with sport’s injuries. Growing up in Warroad, MN, Julia also has strong family ties to the Thief River Falls area. Her grandparent’s farm near Viking has always been one of Julia’s favorite places.  Julia and her husband Wyatt are avid deer hunters and forever Minnesota Vikings fans.  Wyatt and Julia are expecting their first child in Nov. 2018.

Faith Gramer, Physical Therapy Assistant

Faith grew up in the country on a small lake in northwest Minnesota where she spent her summers swimming, fishing, and participating in basketball league. During the school year, she spent a lot of time playing sports, such as basketball and pole vaulting in track and field. She won multiple awards such as MVP in both sports. She competed in the Minnesota State track meet in both her junior and senior years, placing 7th her senior year. She was also very involved with band and choir throughout high school, winning an award in choir her senior year, as well.

Faith has always had a passion for helping people, so pursuing a career in physical therapy seemed like the perfect fit. Members of her immediate family have received a hip replacement and back surgery and attended physical therapy afterwards. She had developed a strong interest in the RehabAuthority Clinic specifically while was a student along with her brother receiving physical therapy for back pain from a local RehabAuthority Clinic. After seeing the success and progress her brother had made from therapy, she started to develop a passion for RehabAuthority’s core values and their emphasis on excellent patient care.

Faith attended Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program and graduating in May of 2018. Faith’s last clinical rotation as a student was at RehabAuthority in Thief River Falls and was offered a position shortly after graduation. Faith’s competitive nature has matched well with RehabAuthority core value “pleased but never satisfied”.   She has learned a lot in the world of physical therapy with the help of colleagues and mentors, and is eager to grow as a clinician and never stop learning at RehabAuthority.

Connie Miller, DPT

Connie grew up in a small town in northwestern Montana. She spent most of her childhood playing volleyball and softball. She enjoyed camping, fishing, hiking and doing activities outside. Connie received a scholarship to play collegiate softball at the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, ND.
Connie was passionate about the human body which led her to the field of physical therapy. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Jamestown in 2019. Connie moved into the Thief River Falls area in November 2019 where she began her journey with the RehabAuthority Family. Her areas of interest include pediatrics, orthopedics, and sports medicine.
Connie and her Fiancé, Kevin have the sweetest pup Mushu. We love to spend time outside, even during the blistering Minnesota winters. Connie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She continues to participate in league sports and lake activities in the summer months.


Monday: 7am-7pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 7am-7pm
Thursday: 8am-12pm
Friday: 7am-7pm

Tyler Burcham, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CSS, CSMT, Rehab Director

Tyler was born in Washington D.C. to military parents. He moved back and forth from Hawaii to California multiple times before his family settled in North Dakota. Tyler graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. in Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology. Tyler has spent time studying abroad which included 6 months in Australia where he completed an internship with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Rugby team and a local physical therapy clinic. Tyler went on to obtain his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Dakota.

Tyler is excited for the opportunity to help patients who suffer from the wide variety of injuries associated with the musculoskeletal system get back to their daily lives without pain and limitations.

Tyler has an interest in all sports and enjoys playing golf and tennis in the summer and snowboarding during the winter months. Tyler and his wife Rachel also enjoy traveling and spending time with their dog.


Hannah Brennan, PT, DPT

Hannah was born and raised in the central Minnesota area where she found the field of physical therapy after a sports injury in high school. She began her studies at the University of North Dakota and graduated from UND’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in May of 2021. During her education, she completed clinicals in the out-patient orthopedic setting where she developed a passion for help those recovering from sport injuries, post-operative procedures, and pelvic pain/dysfunction.
Hannah enjoys making health and fitness apart of her everyday life. In the summer she likes spending time in the outdoors hiking and kayaking the various lakes and rivers .

Woodruff – Rehab Authority Clinic

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kendall Adams, Clinic Director of Rehab Authority

Kendall was raised in Riverside Idaho. He completed his associate degree as Physical Therapist Assistant and received a Bachelor degree in Health Science at Idaho State University in 2013. He worked as a PTA for 4 years in an outpatient and home health setting. Kendall then went on to complete his doctorate in a unique physical therapy school in Ohio at the University of Findlay’s PTA to DPT bridge program.  He traveled back and forth from Idaho to Ohio for over 2 years to complete his doctorate.  He finished up his physical therapy degree in 2017 and has been with RehabAuthority since then. He is currently working on getting credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis Treatment (MDT) and Certified Spinal Manual Therapist (CSMT)

Kendall gained his love for anatomy and the human body when he worked as a personal trainer for 5 years while he was going to school to attain his Bachelor’s degree.  His personal trainer experiences lead him down the path to physical therapy. He appreciates and enjoys learning with continuing education in the profession of physical therapy promoted by RehabAuthority. Kendall looks forward to using his education to benefit the lives of those he will serve in therapy and in the community. Kendall and his wife, Traci, have been married 12 years and have 4 amazing children that keep them busy and active.  They enjoy spending time with friends and family in their free time.

Brian Dorius, DPT

Brian grew up in South Jordan, Utah but has also lived in St. George, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up he loved playing sports and pole vaulted on his high school track and field team. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah, where he found great interest in human physiology, anatomy, and health sciences. After graduation, he worked as a health coach to educate and motivate people in implementing healthy behaviors. He then attended Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions where he earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. During this time, Brian met the girl of his dreams and they are now happily married. As a physical therapist, Brian finds great satisfaction in helping people return to the activities they enjoy and loves the continual opportunities for learning and growth this profession has to offer. Brian and his wife enjoy hiking, playing card games, watching movies, trying new recipes (or restaurants when those recipes don’t work out), and playing racquetball. Brian can also be found running, camping, fishing, reading, and playing a wide variety of sports.

Peloton Physical Therapy – (A Rehab Authority Affiliate)

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Matt Dvorak, PT Clinic Director

Matt is originally from Harrisburg, SD and attended Mount Marty College in Yankton where he graduated with a BA in Biology in 1987. He attended Wichita State University Department of Health Sciences and graduated in 1989 with a BS in Physical Therapy. He has practiced since graduation at Sacred Heart Hospital, Pender Community Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital as the director of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, as well as the Athletic Training staff. He also was the Executive Director of Missouri Sports Medicine at that time. He later worked for Aegis Therapies in Hartington and Wausa, NE. He started the Physical Therapy Department at Lewis and Clark Orthopedic and Sports Therapy. He currently owns and operates, as well as practices at Peloton Physical Therapy which was opened in 2012.

Matt is married with three children, Derek, Dustin, and Danielle. He enjoys spending time with his family, riding bikes, and any other outdoor activity. Matt performs therapy on all patient populations, with an emphasis on orthopedic and sports patients. He is credentialed and licensed through the SD Board in Dry Needling techniques and performs these procedures in his clinic. He also holds 775 continuing education hours pertaining to his Physical Therapy education.


Fargo, ND

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Alexandria – Rehab Authority Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Travis Beniak, DPT

Travis grew up in a small town in southeastern Minnesota where he ran cross country and track and played music. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Psychology from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. While at Augustana College, Travis enjoyed a successful athletic career on their cross country and track teams. He then went on to graduate from the University of Jamestown in Fargo, ND with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016.

After spending four years in the Seattle area working as a physical therapist and clinic director, Travis returned back to Minnesota in the spring of 2021 to join the team at RehabAuthority as the clinic director at RehabAuthority – Alexandria. Travis enjoys treating any type of condition in physical therapy, but most enjoys treating back, neck, and sports injuries. He strives to ensure that each patient feels comfortable and is treated with an individualistic approach during their physical therapy experience.

Travis and his wife, Gabi, have two children; Jamison and Raylan, as well as two Alaskan Klee Kai; Grizzly and Kodiak. Travis enjoys spending time with his family, running, hunting, fishing, playing guitar, and singing.


Detroit Lakes – Rehab Authority Clinic

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FIX THIS – Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
FIX THIS – Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kim Anderson, PT, MDT/IMC, BA/HPER, Clinic Director

Kim Anderson is an expert in mechanical diagnosis and treatment focusing on scientifically proven assessments identifying the best interventions and solutions for back, neck and extremity limitations.

A North Dakota native, Kim attended the University of North Dakota, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in Physical Therapy.  He has a wealth of experience as a leader in the field with vast experience in several hospital systems, as well as the establishment of several physical therapy departments and start-up clinics.

Kim is a proven expert in the field with a wealth of experience in rehabilitation and sports medicine.  The incorporation of a systematic approach assimilating evidence based diagnosis and treatment has enabled superior outcomes for a wide variety of patients throughout the course of his career, focusing on an efficient and patient-centered process to ensure successful patient outcomes. With an empathetic and thoughtful approach to each and every patient he has been able to make a difference in the rehabilitation and recovery of an innumerable amount of patients in the Midwest for over 30 years.

Kim is a strong advocate for  patients and the physical therapy profession, assisting in the development and progression of services available throughout rural Minnesota and the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Kim is married and has five children throughout Minnesota, in a variety of healthcare related fields, as well as a former standout track and field athlete at the University of Minnesota. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as a natural proclivity towards the outdoors. Kim enjoys a variety of recreational endeavors, including hunting and fishing, as well as furthering relationships both personally and professionally.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Samantha Spaeth, PT, DPT, Rehab Director

Samantha grew up in Hawley, Minnesota where she played basketball, softball, and volleyball. After high school, she went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. She then went on to graduate from the university of Jamestown in Fargo, ND with A Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2019.

Samantha had her final clinical rotation experience with RehabAuthority in Fargo, North Dakota where she fell in love with the atmosphere, patient-centered therapy, and McKenzie method of treatment. After spending a year and half in the Fargo and Hawley area working as a physical therapist, she decided to return to the RehabAuthority team as a clinic director in her hometown of Hawley. Samantha enjoys treating any type of condition in physical therapy and helping people return to their favorite activities.

Samantha loves spending time with her family & friends, as well as outdoor activities of a wide variety, including spending time at the lake. In her spare time, she enjoys playing summer and winter volleyball and continues to stay active.

She has continued her education and taken courses in women’s health and movement screening. She is certified in Integrative Dry Needling. She is excited to be working in her hometown and giving back to the community she cares about!